Tchazzar the Undying

Immortal Dragon King of Chessenta


Tchazzar the Undying, The Invincible Warrior , The Invincible Overking, Father of Chessenta, The Great Red Dragon

Exarch of Tiamat (Hubris)
Symbol: Red Dragon against a mountain

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Backdrop: Chessenta Lore

Since the time of the nation’s founding, the name Tchazzar (cha-zar) has been synonymous with Chessenta. Though Tchazzar was known as a war hero and Overking, learned folk suspected he was in fact a dragon in disguise. Most did not care because they were happy to have a strong leader who brought strength and prosperity to their country. Tchazzar believed that if he were to take on human form, unite and rule Chessenta for a time, and then disappear mysteriously, the people would worship him as a god. He was right. Priests of Tchazzar are known as wyrmlairds; the most powerful of them can breathe fire and command red dragons.

3E Lore

Under the leadership of the great war leader Tchazzar, the chaotic, wealthy, always restless city-states collectively known as Chessenta were united for the first and last time. His tireless sword forged an empire.

Tchazzar ruled long and well, his mastery of the intrigues and dabblings of his people steering them into great wealth and a golden age. Chessentans are passionate, energetic, and given to doing things to extremes. Feasts and wars are frequent Chessentan pursuits—and Tchazzar was the greatest glutton and war hero of all, rising above his debaucheries to win victory after victory.

When sahuagin raided the shores of Chessenta in 1018 DR, Tchazzar rode north alone to face them, bidding his armies, “Feast and take ease, while I sharpen my sword once more.” He was never seen again—save in flickering visions that appeared simultaneously in the throne and council chambers of all Chessentan cities, images of Tchazzar standing atop a heap of butchered sahuagin with bloody blade in hand, smiling and saying, “Know that I have won my greatest victory.” The Invincible Warrior was seen in Chessenta no more, and his body was never found. Without him, his empire collapsed in less than a decade.

In time, some folk came to revere “the Great Red Dragon” Tchazzar as a deity. Despite the ruin and strife that followed (and continues to this day), clergy of the Great Red Dragon in the Chessentan cities of Cimbar and Soorenar venerate him. Followers of Tchazzar believe that he will return to lead Chessenta into a new golden age. His worship is strong in Chessenta and unknown elsewhere.

Some sages say Tchazzar was not a human who used a dragon as his battle-standard, but a real red dragon. According to this line of conjecture, the dragon believed that if he took on human form, united and ruled Chessenta for a time, and then disappeared mysteriously, a cult would arise and worship him, granting him godlike powers. He was right.

Tchazzar the Undying

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