Bay of Chessenta

Backdrop Chessenta Lore

Chessentan roads are poorly maintained, so most merchant traffic between cities is
ferried across the bay. Oar-powered triremes are the vessel of choice in these waters, in part because the breeze on the bay often withdraws for days at a time.

The coastline has many small harbors and quays where sea vessels can come ashore. Numerous incursions earlier in the century by horrors from the sea led to heavily fortified ports, buttressed by high sea walls and massive countersiege weapons.

The threat in recent years has come not from denizens of the deep, but from increased piracy. The Crimson Sea Maritime Priakos, a thinly veiled society of smugglers and cutthroats masquerading as a legitimate merchant company, operates out of Watcher’s Cape and controls most of the nation’s sea trade.

Bay of Chessenta

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