Church of Tchazzar

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Founded by a red dragon who sought power by building a nation of worshipers, the Church of Tchazzar has long been associated with the nation of Chessenta.


The Church of Tchazzar has existed in various forms for over four hundred years.


The Church of Tchazzar was named after the great war hero Tchazzar, a red dragon in human form who liberated Chessenta in the Year of Flashing Eyes (929 DR). Even then many sages suspected he was really a dragon, but most Chessentans did not care, happy to have a strong leader who brought strength and prosperity to their country. After Tchazzar disappeared in the Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), his church became one of the many hero-worshiping cults common in Chessenta. After a brief appearance during the Time of Troubles, Tchazzar vanished anew, his body transformed into that of the Dragon Queen before her second battle with Gilgeam. After the Time of Troubles, most of Tchazzar’s followers began worshiping the Father of Chessenta as an aspect of the Dragon Queen, and the church of Tiamat threatened to wholly subsume Tchazzar’s hero-cult.


In the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR), Tchazzar returned as a god-in-the-fl esh to reestablish his rule over Chessenta, giving his church newfound life. The return of the Father of Chessenta has ignited hope in many Chessentan people that their country will once again be united and prosperous. Since Tchazzar’s return, his church (based in Cimbar) has grown to become one of the most popular in Chessenta, despite the opposition of the leaders of Chessenta’s other cities. Most of Tchazzar’s rivals have already begun quietly negotiating their admittance to Tchazzar’s burgeoning empire, so few dare crack down on his expanding base of followers in their cities. Other churches have started forming in Airspur and Akanax, but they are small compared to the Cimbaran branch.

As Tchazzar consolidates his control in Cimbar, he is using his church to further his own goals (and those of his mistress Tiamat). He has dispatched his missionaries to all of Chessenta, both to tell the stories of Tchazzar’s recent victories and to spread the word about joining his church. The Father of Chessenta has also created an elite fi ghting order known as the Blades of Tchazzar, under his direct command. These fi ghters are sent on important missions for the church. Currently most Blade members are assigned either to help in the search for dragon eggs falling from the skies in the form of meteorites, to raid suspected cells belonging to the Cult of the Dragon, or to attack followers of Tchazzar’s archenemy Alasklerbanbastos (the Great Bone Wyrm).

While Tchazzar lets his followers handle all but his most important assignments, he still involves himself personally in situations that add to his reputation as a god who defends his believers. The Karanok family learned this when they scheduled a public execution of several clerics of Tchazzar operating in Luthcheq. Accompanied by his high priests and Blades, the Sceptenar of Cimbar appeared above Luthcheq just before the execution started. Within minutes the entire affair turned into a massive rampage. While his followers rescued their brethren, Tchazzar attacked the Karanoks as they tried to fl ee from their podium. Several family members died while trying to escape from their seats. After taking quickly dispatching reinforcements sent by Luthcheq’s armed forces, Tchazzar and his group departed as quickly as they had arrived, leaving Luthcheq’s public square in flames.

Reputation and Interactions

The return of Tchazzar has given his church new members and
popularity among the Chessentan people. At the same time, the
church has now become a target for Tchazzar’s enemies.

Foes of the church of Tchazzar

The foiled execution in Luthcheq is but one example of how the rulers of other Chessentan cities are trying to stop Tchazzar and his church from expanding in Chessenta. Likewise, the leaders of Luthcheq, Airspur, and Soorenar are looking for ways to discretely discredit both Tchazzar and his church without incurring Tchazzar’s attention. While most Chessentan rulers do not use mercenaries, those in Airspur and Soorenar have revealed intelligence about the activities of Tchazzar’s followers in their territories to implacable foes of the red great wyrm, like crusading paladins from Impiltur. The leaders of Soorenar are rumored to be offering large sums for information about the new spells Sammaster used during the Rage. Many suspect the Soorenarian families are hoping they can use the new magic against the
church (and Tchazzar himself), if the rumored secret negotiations between the two cities collapse.

In addition to its Chessentan enemie sthe church must also deal with external foes. Fortunately for the church, its two greatest enemies (the Cult of the Dragon and Alasklerbanbastos) havee their own problems to deal with, such as Sammaster’s succession and the continuing advance of Mulhorand’s armies into Free Unther.

The Great Bone Wyrm and Tchazzar were sworn enemies even before the liberation of Chessenta, and his nemesis took full advantage of Tchazzar’s disappearance during the Time of Troubles to expand his infl uence throughout Old Unther. While Tchazzar himself dealt with many of the dragons allied with Alasklerbanbastos, he has tasked his most loyal followers with breaking up any remaining pockets of support and preventing Alasklerbanbastos from gaining new infl uence in Chessenta. A loose alliance between the Great Bone Wyrm and the Church of Tiamat in Unther has forced the Church of Tchazzar to restrain its actions against the dracolich in Threskel and Unther. Tchazzar wants evidence to show the Church of Tiamat that it should break the alliance, so the Father of Chessenta has ordered his followers to fi nd any information that proves Alasklerbanbastos is not honoring the agreement. At the same time, the Church of Tchazzar is showing no restraint in rooting out Cult of the Dragon cells in Chessenta that are not associated with Alasklerbanbastos.

Allies of the Church of Tchazzar

As Tchazzar is Tiamat’s Chosen, one might expect his church to be closely allied with organizations that support the Dragon Queen. The reality is quite different, and this is mainly due to Tchazzar not wanting to appear beholden to his mistress. While the Churches of Tchazzar and Tiamat work on similar goals, the Father of Chessenta limits the two from working together as much as possible, often assigning only a select group of followers to deal with those issues related to Tiamat that the godling does not take care of himself.

The church’s policy regarding limited contact with followers of Tiamat does not extend to other organizations. Since Tchazzar’s return, his clerics have forged good relations with other religious organizations, including the various Chessentan hero cults. These efforts have helped produce good relations with other churches, including the followers of Azuth and the Red Knight. Rumors have Tchazzar’s followers trying to help return the Master Tactician book to the Red Knight church in Cimbar, though some also suspect Tchazzar’s church really intends to keep the book for itself.


As with most Chessentan hero cults, only the strongest and bravest individuals are given an opportunity to join the Church of Tchazzar. Those who prove themselves worthy become Protectors of the Church. As their skills and status in the church improve, Protectors are sent on assignments. While Tchazzar’s church accepts all classes as recruits, it is most popular with
fi ghters and warriors.

Church of Tchazzar

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