Great Nothing, Swallower of Gods, Devourer of Worlds, Magechill
Primordial of Oblivion
Symbol: A sphere of pure black

Backdrop: Chessenta Lore

Befuddling sages and theologians for millennia, Entropy’s (en-trah-pee) true purpose was at last revealed upon the calamitous joining of worlds brought on by the Spellplague. As the Swallower of Gods and the Devourer of Worlds, Entropy has represented the single direst threat to the mortal world since the Age before Ages. In that long ago era, when Ao banished the primordials to Abeir, the overgod imprisoned Entropy in the guise of a sphere of annihilation and discarded the inert primordial on Toril with a warning to the gods: Govern the world wisely or face utter oblivion. With Cyric’s folly and the unraveling of the Weave, Entropy is freed once more to spread ruin across the face of Toril. Every day the primordial’s entropic maw grows wider, threatening to swallow the world whole, while the weakened powers of the Astral Sea stand powerless to stop it. Priests of Entropy are known as thaumatoclasts.

3E Lore

Entropy is a nonsentient giant sphere of annihilation that many in Luthcheq worship as a deity


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