Erebos is ruled by the latest incarnation of the red dragon known as Tchazzar the Undying.

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Backdrop Chessenta Lore

Representative of the quintessential Chessentan polis with its large granite monuments and classical Untheric architecture, Erebos is a teaming metropolis second only to Luthcheq in size or power. This cosmopolitan port is celebrated for its rich culture and comfortable living. Despite frequent earthquakes in the region, buildings are surprisingly sturdy yet beautifully designed. Isolated from much of the nation by the Adder Swamp and the Bay of Chessenta, Erebos enjoys a measure of independence from Luthcheq and its poison-dagger politics. Erebosar, as citizens call themselves, are regarded by outsiders as a haughty people, though much more tolerant of foreign customs than many other Chessentan cities.

Erebos Details

The following information is common knowledge about the city of Erebos.

Population: 35,000. Erebosian citizens are predominantly human, composed of three ethnicities: mulan (40%), chondathan (20%), and turami (15%); dragonborn (10%) and genasi (5%) round out the city’s cosmopolitan makeup.
Government: Erebos is governed by an enigmatic magistrate known only as the Sceptanar This faceless lord holds the ancient scepter of Tchazzar and rules with absolute authority over the city and its outlying land-holdings. Despite this power, the current Sceptanar is widely regarded as a wise and beneficent ruler.
Defenses: Despite its embrace of the fine arts, Erebos is also a city of warriors. The city fields an army 8,000 strong, led by the elite dragonscale-clad myrmidons. The Sceptanar is a mighty foe, commanding the blessed vestments of Tchazzar. Erebos’s formidable flotilla of warships and troop transports (capable of ferrying the city’s 5,000 battle-tested marine warriors) has never lost a sea engagement in nearly four decades


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