Luthcheq is dominated by the worship of the god Entropy.

Backdrop Chessenta Lore

Built against towering black cliffs, Luthcheq is as intimidating as it is impregnable. Its labyrinthine streets are equally disorienting to invaders as they are to newcomers, which is perhaps one of the reasons why the place is known as the City of Madness. The city’s major districts include the Palace Heights (site of the city’s renowned War College), Temple Square (rejuvenated from the ruins of the old priests’ quarter, once dominated by the Temple of Entropy), the Trade Center (the heart of Luthcheq commerce), the Old Port (residence of the bourgeoning middle class), the Arcane Byway (a quarantine zone for those foolish enough to flaunt their wizardry), and the Ropemakers’ Quarter (slums where the poor are jammed into tenements that lean drunkenly against each other). Spellcasters in Luthcheq can expect a swift execution unless they agree to have green tattoos inked on their palms, marking them as practitioners of their vile craft

4E Lore

Capital City; Population 38,000
Luthcheq stands in the lee of a great cliff-face, half of its squat structures partially embedded in stone. Warlord Shala Karanok’s seat of power is the War College, which juts from the face of the cliff overlooking the city like the prow of a mighty ship.

Chessentans’ distaste for Imaskar extends to all uses of arcane magic. Known wizards, warlocks, and other arcanists face execution by burning unless they agree to have their palms tattooed with special green sigils that identify their disreputable art. Rumor has it that the marks prevent their bearers from casting spells if they do not know their own particular tattoo’s “password.”

Luthcheq Knowledge

The following information is common knowledge
about the capital city of Luthcheq.

Population: 38,000. The vast majority (90%) of Luthcheq citizens are humans of the mulan ethnicity. This insular society clings to the ancient customs of the “Old Empires,” which views nonhumans—particularly elves or their feytouched kin—with suspicion and fear.
Government: Luthcheq has long been governed by House Karanok. The city’s current demagogue is the War Hero Shala Karanok, a scowling, solidly built woman in her middle years.
Defenses: Luthcheq’s vertical sprawl and mazelike byways are often enough to dissuade likely conquerors. Beyond that, Luthcheq has enough coin to purchase the finest mercenary troops in the Inner Sea, bolstered by its home-grown guards.
Inns and Taverns: Prominent taverns include Black Mercy, [[Vampire’s Tooth]], and [[Bale’s Bones]]. The venerable Flaming Griffon (inn) is a city landmark, one of the few remaining structures that predate the Spellplague.
Supplies: Visitors to Luthcheq absolutely must visit the Trade Center in Old City. This distinctive trapezoidal-shaped marketplace is massive, its sweeping vaulted roof supported by scores of fluted columns. The underside of the roof is painted in magnificent depictions of heroism and athletic prowess.
Temples: Luthcheq’s religious quarter houses many small shrines and temples, with the most prominent sanctuaries dedicated to Waukeen and Amaunator.
Allies: Luthcheq is working fervently to secure preferred trading status with neighbors Akanûl and Tyamanther.
Enemies: Traditional enemies include Netheril and the fey of the Methwood. Recent monstrous incursions from Threskel, however, have Luthcheq’s forces marshaling along Chessenta’s eastern border.

3E Lore

Metropolis, 61,580:
Also known as the City of Madness, Luthcheq is led by the Karanok family, all of whom belong to the cult of Entropy (a nonsentient giant sphere of annihilation that they think is a deity), a group that wishes to destroy all magic. The Karanoks—and particularly the current head, Maelos (LE male human Ari18)—hope Chessenta’s fragile alliances destroy each other so they can take control. No mercenary companies are allowed here. Luthcheq dislikes users of arcane magic; known wizards and sorcerers face execution by burning. Elves (considered to be magical creatures) and dwarves (considered to be earth wizards) are similarly prosecuted, as are those who associate with the taboo folk.


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