Riders to the Sky

Backdrop Chessenta Lore

These rough hills along the Chessentan frontier are rich with mineral wealth and thick with monsters. The northern reaches, around Dragonback Mountain, are firmly under the dominion of Alasklerbanbastos, the Great Bone Wyrm and self-proclaimed Dragon King of Old Unther. The southern peaks are home to the predatory, screeching tuuru—a race of winged drakes used as mounts by tribes of nomadic wilden (mimicking the elite aerial warriors of Unther from days of yore). Legends say that Tchazzar dwells somewhere within the remote crags of the Sky Riders, waiting for a time when his people need him once more.

4E Lore

This mountain range is actually mostly hills. Inhabited by bandits on the east side, trolls and duergar on the west side, and pteranodons throughout, the hills sport ruins from an aarakocra civilization hunted to extinction by mercenaries.

Riders to the Sky

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