"In Chessenta, the people are incapable of living a quiet life, or allowing others to live quietly."

" Chessenta is a mosaic of a nation that was made by ten different artists, all of them blindfolded."

- Heptios the Archmage

Through Unther we marched, victory hymn we did sing
Red standard blazing, adorned with crown and ring
The empire of old, a mighty debt they must pay
Nobody dared cross Chessenta when the red dragon was king.
With song on our lips and khopeshs held high
Hero leading the charge, our legions raised a cry,
For the Father of Chessenta we pledged our lives,
That day blood was spilt in the Riders to the Sky.
Tchazzar! Tchazzar! We fight for thee.
Grant us your strength and the will to be free.

—A popular battle hymn of Chessenta

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Brotherhood of the Griffon