Mulhorandi Pantheon


People of Faerun refer to Mulhorand as one of the Old Empires, but most don’’t know that Mulhorand is in fact the oldest human empire still in exi stence on the continent. Mulhorand’s pantheon of deities, sometimes called god-kings or pharaohs, can trace their lineage even farther back.

According to the demigods enthroned in Mulhorand, the ancestors of the Mulhorandi people were brought from another world and enslaved by the lmaskari in an ancient empire deep in what is now Raurin, the Dust Desert. When the gods of those ancestors heard the pleas of their distant faithful , they set out in a great celestial ark guided by the entity known as Content Not Found: Ptah. Upon arriving in the world, two of the deities, Re and Enlili, set about empowering the slaves and fomenting rebell ion .

The revolt succeeded, but Re and Enlil couldn’t keep peace with one another. Each then founded a separate dynasty of divine mortals, Re in Mulhorand, and Enlil (father of Gilgeam) in Unther. Re and his related deities ruled Mulhorand through mortal incarnations for thousands
of years.

Time took its toll, and the attention the deities of Mulhorand paid to their fo llowers wavered and diminished. Each new incarnation of Isis , Osiris, and Thoth was a little more human and a little less divine. When the magically powerful lmaskari returned with a vengeance a little over a century ago, they stole the scepter of rulership from a grasp so weak it barely had any strength left.

Although Mulhorand’s conquerors outlawed slavery in the area they now called High lmaskar, the Mulhorandi people recognized the yoke they now bore. The lmaskari were the new coming of the slavemasters of old, as de pict ed in the carvings in the pharaohs’ tombs. Many prayed that the vanished gods would return and once again free them from lmaskari rule , and during the Sundering, that is what happened. What were referred to as Chosen in other lands were recognized in Mulhorand as living gods, come to lead the Mulhorandi in an uprising.

Today Mulhorand is ru led by demigods that call themselves by such names as Re, Anhur, Horus, Isis, Nephthys, Set, and Thoth . They take different forms, some human and others tieflings or aasimar, but all speak and act like the gods of legend come to life, which they must be. This family of deities bears the scars of all the past loves , rivalries, and wars between them, but for now they have set their differences aside for the betterment of Mulhorand and its people, and the people of Mulhorand love them for it.

Mulhorandi Pantheon

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